Officer of the Day (OOD)

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Your role is to oversee the day and help delegate tasks; you may be needed to help in the galley at busy times. Ensure the rest of the crew are aware of what is expected of them. Please find a comprehensive guideline below to help you.


  • Please arrive with 6-8 pints of semi skimmed milk, and enough cake for about 30 portions. (During colder months 4 pints and 20 portions should be enough, and remember we have a cooker so hot food like pasties/sausage rolls etc are good in the cold.)
  • A committee member will be up to open the store cupboard and give you the keys for the clubhouse and boat shed doors.
  • Ensure that you sign the duty crew in, using the online system as per the instructions by the left-hand computer on the race table.
  • Brief your team in order to clarify their duties and ascertain competencies and confidence. A five-minute group meeting to introduce and get to know the rest of the team is helpful.
  • Ensure the crew are dressed correctly for their duty, if they are on the powerboats they must wear appropriate clothing, and buoyancy aids. In an emergency they must be capable of getting into the water for a rescue.
  • Check the race schedule for the day, there will be a copy on the race board.
  • Discuss the wind strength with the Race officer (and the Sailing Secretary if they are at the club), if it is deemed too windy cancel the racing. See guide at back of book.
  • Check the fuel levels in the safety boats and jerry cans (Yellow container). If necessary, delegate a crew member to buy some UNLEADED fuel. (Tesco in Cirencester is the closest). Money will be reimbursed at the end of the day or send receipt to the treasurer.
  • Ensure the Safety boat crew take the safety kit out on the water. A first aid canister which contains knife and spare kill cord. Throw line, fire extinguisher this can be found in the store cupboard and need to be returned at the end of the day, 1st aid kits need to be replenished if used. Kill cords are stored with the respective fuel container in the yellow container.
  • Please ensure all boats have a radio, they should be worn around the neck not left on the floor of the boats as this leads to wet unusable radios, and they do not float.
  • Committee Boat – Check fuel Kill cord attached to key in safe. Battery Jump pack in store cupboard if needed. Race Board, flags and numbers kept on board in summer, but stored ashore in winter.
  • Make sure all visitors sign the day book.
  • Be aware of what is happening on the lake at all times, non-racers and children will be sailing all day. KEEP YOUR SAFETY BOAT CREWS ALERT.
  • Ensure you have a full crew for the whole day as everyone is expected to help with the clearing up; Cleaning materials can be found under the sink or in the galley cupboard
  • At the end of the day make sure everything is locked up and hand any keys to a committee member.
  • If in doubt as to how to proceed just ask a committee member.

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