Cotswold Sailing Club By-Laws

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  1. An experienced adult member of the Club shall be nominated, as Officer of the Day on such days as shall be considered appropriate by the Committee. He/she shall be in charge of the activities of the day and be responsible to the Committee and the Club for ensuring that all the rules and regulations are strictly adhered to. The name of the person appointed shall be announced no later than the day preceding his/her day of duty.
  2. At least one power driven boat and responsible crew should be provided on stand-by at the discretion of the Officer of the day. This vessel is to be used for safety purposes only; any other use is expressly forbidden without the approval of the Committee.
  3. Except as in By-law 2 no power driven boat of any kind (other than the committee boat) to be used unless for maintenance or emergency purposes considered necessary by the Committee. Any boat is to be used expressly in accordance with the instructions published prominently on the Club premises.
  4. All craft must be covered by Third Party Insurance in line with RYA recommendations. A current certificate of Insurance must be forwarded upon demand by the Secretary or any other member of the Committee.
  5. All craft shall bear in a prominent position an official sticker of the current year’s colour showing the number of the owner. Any boat not bearing this identification will neither be allocated a parking berth nor be allowed to use the water.
  6. Members must be responsible for maintaining their boats in a safe and seaworthy condition.
  7. Every boat shall have sufficient and adequately secured positive buoyancy to be able to support the combined weight of the boat and crew when the vessel is overturned and flooded. Buoyancy tests on all craft shall be carried out if required by class rules or the Club Committee.
  8. Boats, tackle and apparatus are to be stored or left on the Club premises only as directed by the Committee.
  9. All persons are responsible for their own safety.  The decision to sail is the responsibility of those going afloat, this decision should take into account the condition of the boat, the prevailing conditions (wind strength, direction and outside temperature), crews capability, clothing etc.
    1. All persons will be responsible for their own personal buoyancy at all times.  Parent(s) or guardian(s) shall be responsible for the personal buoyancy of their children or ward.
    2. Appropriate clothing shall be worn at all times whilst afloat, bearing in mind the     prevailing conditions: temperature, wind chill, water temperature etc.  Wet-suits or dry-suits are recommended to be worn whilst afloat between 1st November and the 1st April.
  10. The International Sailing Federation's rule about going to the assistance of craft in distress shall be known and acted upon by all on pain of suspension.
  11. All dogs must be kept under reasonable control.
  12. Adequate sanitary accommodation is provided and should be maintained in strictly hygienic condition. Only such accommodation may be used for sanitary purposes.
  13. The members shall be responsible for keeping Club property in a clean and tidy condition in accordance with the conditions of the lease and for removing their own rubbish from Club premises.
  14. The Club shall make provision for a junior section of the Club and on prescribed days provide such training as may be required to allow young members to enjoy all the amenities of the Club with confidence and safety.
  15. Car parking is only allowed in areas designated for the purpose or by special ruling of the Committee.
  16. Members have the right to sail on the Club’s lake at any time whether or not special races or events are in progress as long as due regard is given at all times to general courtesy to other members and to their special interests, safety and the provisions of these rules. This can only be over-ridden by the Committee giving at least one month’s notice of closure of all or part of the water.
  17. The parking of boats is a privilege of membership subject to availability of berths. Any boat left on the premises shall be subject to the following conditions:
    1. It shall be maintained in a seaman-like state of repair at all times and firmly secured to the berthing ties provided when not in use. Road trailers shall be removed from the dinghy park or disabled by removal of the wheels and/or hitch to reduce the ease of theft of boats. Unsecured boat trailers shall be removed from the dinghy park at the discretion of the Committee. Failure to conform to these conditions may lead to a penalty fine, impoundment of the boat or trailer or expulsion of the member to be decided at the discretion of the Committee.
    2. A boat must be removed within 14 days of the retirement or expulsion of a member. Failure to do this will give the Club the immediate right to use and maintain the vessel for general Club purposes. The owner may reclaim his/her boat within five calendar months of his/her retirement or expulsion but only after he/she has paid all costs of maintenance back to the Club. A retired or expelled member’s boat remaining on Club premises after 14 days from the date of retirement or expulsion shall be charged such berthing fees as the Committee shall from time to time determine.
    3. A boat which remains on Club premises for more than five calendar months after the date of resignation or expulsion of a member shall become the property of the club and may be maintained or disposed of at the discretion of the Committee.
    4. For the purpose of this section, a member will be considered to be a resigned member two months after he/she has failed to pay his/her last due subscription.
  18. Members may sail any recognised class of sailing dinghy or any other dinghy acceptable to the Committee.  Boat-owning members may use sailboards as an ancillary activity.
    1. Sailboard members may only be admitted at the discretion of the Committee, and subject to a maximum number as shall be determined by the Committee.
    2. Catamarans, cruisers, etc may not be sailed on the Club Lake.
    3. Conventional boats to be limited to those with a RYA handicap of 900 or lower.
    4. The number of large asymmetrics registered by members with the membership secretary is limited to a maximum of 5 (five) at any one time. A large asymmetric being defined as any craft with an asymmetric spinnaker, whether used or not, with a RYA handicap of 1010 or lower. Only registered large asymmetrics can be sailed at the club. Helms of large asymmetrics must be aged 16 or over and be competent sailors.
    5. Only 10 windsurfer only memberships allowed in the club at any one time.
    6. No Kite surfing.
  19. All members’ cars brought onto Club premises shall display a Club sticker of the current year’s colour in the windscreen.
  20. The islands in the lake form part of the Club premises. Access will be at the discretion of the Committee.

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