Race Officer and Assistant

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The RO and ARO should be from the same social bubble.

It helps if the RO is experienced at running races, but because of the new IT system and simple courses it could be done by any experienced sailor.

Both members of the team should familiarise themselves with the Race System

Depending on the number of entries and level of experience of the RO it is possible to run a race without an ARO, the Race Week crew will monitor entry levels throughout the week and adjust the duty requirements accordingly.

All races will start and end from the "race hut" at the end of the main spit, we will not be using the committee boat during the week.

Courses should be kept simple, 3 or 4 buoys at a maximum, no crossing and avoid boats coming back at one another, and where possible don't change the course from the previous race.

Do not move numbered buoys, and avoid moving start line and windward marks unless absolutely necessary.

Start lines should be created as long as possible to allow sailors currently on the course to keep clear of those starting the race.

Keeping the courses simple ensures that competitors don't need to write the course on tape and avoids the congestion this causes in the club house.

Races must promptly, please do not delay the start as you wait for the odd one or two participants to arrive. The Beach Manager will inform you of any launching issues.

There will be 3 starts per race, 10 minutes between starts, with the first fleet race lasting approx 1 hour.

Collect the "Race Bag" from the OOD, you should find everything you need within it. Including:

  • iPad & Stylus pens
  • iPad sun cover.
  • Clip board with rain cover.
  • Race Watch
  • Spare paper & pens in the event of any IT glitches.

There are no protests allowed, the RO's decision is final.

Between each duty team, wipe down the iPad and spray all the equipment with the disinfectant provided and hand the Race Bag back to the OOD.

The iPad needs to be charged overnight and equipment stored in the club house race officer station.

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