Publishing the Committee Minutes

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Once the minutes from previous meetings have been approved they need to be made available to the membership.

Members can view the previous minutes via the Membership Portal, once logged in they can select Documents from the Club Details menu option :

Clicking on the document row will then open up the PDF on their device.

To upload new documents is a two step process:

  1. Save the document on the Cloud Storage Solution (Box)

Login to Box and Navigate to the storage folder :

Cotswold Sailing Club > Published > Meeting Minutes > YYYY

Upload the File

Once uploaded hoover the mouse over the new file and select the option Copy Shared Link

Copy the link and keep it saved in your clip board for step 2

  1. Save the URL in the CSC database

Login into the Management Portal and select Settings and Shared Documents

Select Add New Document

Name the document as necessary and then paste the previously copied URL into the URL field.

The document is now available to all members.

If you have Box installed on your laptop, you can skip the upload to box step and save directly to your local folder, then right click to get the copied link.

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