Club House Risk Assessment

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Revision Date



28th July 2020


Initial draft requires review and approval before publication and adoption

29th July 2020


Include First Aid Kit within Conservatory access.

2nd Aug 2020


Review and additional actions.

6th Aug 202


Committee Approval

Action Required

Dry Area

Access to

  • Charging radios
  • Charging iPad
  • Safety boat equipment
  • Race Officer kit
  • Cleaning equipment store

Cross contamination

Social distancing

Access via front door only. Back door closed but not locked, as fire escape.

Door remains locked when unoccupied

Access limited to OOD & Race Week crew. Max 3 people.

All Windows to remain open.

Clearly marked cleaning areas

Clearly marked storage & charging areas.

All unused equipment stowed away

Internal doors locked

Additional keys cut

No Unauthorised Access signs

Hand sanitiser at entrance.

Disinfectant spray at cleaning station(s)



Cross contamination

Social distancing


No Entry Sign

All equipment removed from surfaces.

Out of Order sign for the fridge

First Aid Kit moved to conservatory.


General access required for

  • Power points
  • Freezer
  • Spin dryer
  • First Aid Kit

Restricted access to notice boards

Cross contamination

Social distancing

Accessing dry area

Limited opening hours

All windows remain open.

RHS door IN only

LHS door OUT only

Centre door locked

All seating removed.

Internal doors locked

Occupants limited to 2 people max.

Signs for doors

Social Distancing signs

Limited Occupancy signs

Notification via handbook

Bungee cords to keep doors open.

No entry signs for internal doors.

Hand sanitiser at entrance.

Disinfectant spray for freezer and spin dryer & sign to use before & after.

Changing rooms

Access required for showers only

Cross contamination

Social distancing

Accessing main club house

Accessing toilets

Legionnaires disease.

Pre-booked access only.

Single family occupancy only.

Limited opening hours, between 5pm to 10pm

Alternative changing room used for each booking (for unisex/family use)

Club house door closed.

Back door kept open.

Daily professional clean at 10am everyday.

Toilet cubicles locked

Water heating to be restarted.

Booking system

Back door locked out of hours

Occupied sign for back door

Closed signs for gents store room and dry area

Do Not User sign and red tape for toilets

Windows to remain open.

Door wedged open when not in use.

Hand sanitiser at entrance.

Disinfectant spray provided with instructions to wipe down touch points and surfaces.

Signs to users.

Hot water system restart.

Store Room (Galley)


Cross contamination

Radios & safety equipment moved to dry area storage

Sign informing members equipment has been moved.

Store room (disabled toilet)

Access to safe

Use of toilet

Cross contamination

Common keys passed to key holders, no access to safe necessary.

Toilet marked as Out of Order.

Additional keys cut

No Authorised Access sign

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