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Unlike previous years, we are not setting a specific number of duties per member; you can do as little or as much as you are comfortable with. If you do not want to do a specific duty for whatever reason then there is no pressure to do so, however if we don't have enough volunteers, races will have to be cancelled or the event cut short, so please do as much as you can.

Unlike previous years, some duties may not be required when it comes to the day or race; it will very much depend on the conditions on the day and the number of people that turn up to race. The Race Week Crew will be reviewing the numbers required on a daily basis.

To remove the burden on cleaning equipment between crew change overs, it would be really helpful if members could complete a full day of duties, rather than separate sessions throughout the week.

People turning up in a timely fashion is of critical importance this year, please ensure you arrive within plenty of time and make your presence known to the OOD.

Details on how to book duties are available here

Our members safety is of upmost importance, and the organising committee will have to uphold the highest duty of care to our members, and in turn duty crews are expected to reciprocate that care to the members. We appreciate that for many of us this is a holiday, and a relaxed attitude is important, but we must accept there is global pandemic and all of our actions can have deadly consequences.
Before your duty starts you will be asked to sign a declaration saying you have read and understand the Risk Assessment

Racing Duties




Race Officer


One experience 'Racer' for each race.

Assistant Race Officer


Optional depending on experience of the RO, and the number of entries in each race. Must be from the same family group as the RO.

Safety Boat Helm


Qualified Helms only, up to three per race.

Safety Boat Crew


Preferred, but potentially optional dependant on the experience of the Helm. Must be from the same family group as the SBH.

Officer of the Day


Overall management of the days sailing events. split into two sessions AM/PM.

Beach Manager


Ensurers the boat park doesn't over flow with people and assist's RO to get races started on time with the use of BA's. One person per race, no experience necessary.

Beach Assistants


Helps sailors launch efficiently, by pulling and retrieving boat trolleys during when they launch and return from races. No experience necessary and ideally could be done by junior members of the club. Number is dependant on number of races, maximum of 3.

See Additional Support Duties

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