Welcome to Race Week 2020

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The biggest change this year will be the lack of any organised social activities; the pressure on the committee has been too great over the past few months to do anything more than organise a race calendar and the duties in order for those races to operate safely.

We're all disappointed that there's no quiz night, no fancy dress, no American Supper and no annual CSC rounders championship matches but on the plus side we should all be feeling fresh and ready to sail everyday!

We've put together a race calendar which we hope provides a balance of racing and time to relax. Outside of the racing schedule members are invited to organise their own events, which providing they are safe, the club hopes to support.

The race calendar is subject to change; as always it’s dependant on the weather, but this year the organising committee will be reviewing each day to ensure we have the correct level of safety cover during races and to deal with any unexpected issues.

Changes are likely to be made on a regular basis to all aspects of the Race Week, all of which will be posted on these and the Facebook Page

If you haven't already joined FB then please do so here

If you don't have access to Facebook or a Smart Phone please ask a friend or family member to keep you 'in the loop'

You will find everything you need to know about Race Week on these pages, however if you have any questions that aren't answered, please contact the committee here

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