Signing On to Race

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Before you can compete in any races you must first Sign up for each of your boat and crew combinations and then Sign On for individual races. You can create as many combos as you like, and if created via the Membership Portal you can make changes in the future

Race Sign On

Once you have a created a boat/crew combo you can sign on to the club races, please ensure you do this as early as possible, the Race Officer prints a list of all competitors before heading out on the water and its additional work for them and their assistants if your name and details aren’t already on the list. If you don’t compete then it’s a much simpler task for your entry to be removed.

To sign for any of todays races select Sign On from the home page

You can narrow the list of all combos by entering your membership ID, part of your name (first, surname or Display) or by selecting the Class from the drop down list.

Once you’ve found the combo you want to race click the thumbs up to move on and select the races…

Click Sign On to enter the race, or if you make a mistake you can click Sign Off

If you want to sign on for a series of races, for instance during Regatta, you can change the date and select any number of races ahead of time.

And that’s it for competitors, you’re ready to race!

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