Camping Rules

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These rules have been superseded by rule Covid-19 amendments - see here

Cotswold Sailing Club again has been granted an Exemption Certificate for camping at the club, which gives the members additional camping days throughout the year. However, we must abide by a code of conduct that has been approved by the D.O.E.

  •  Any camping at the club must be booked in advance via the membership portal, alternatively contact the camping coordinator directly, (details below). Please update your booking details if you cancel or cut short your stay.
  • Non-camping days are published on the website and posted in the club house, no camping on these days, and no exceptions are permitted.
  •  There are no fees for members wishing to camp at the club.
  •  Camping areas are restricted to designated areas only, please see the map in the club house.
  •  Camping is limited to two weeks at any one time.
  •  All children must be supervised by an adult member, over 18s must apply directly to the camping coordinator for permission to camp alone.
  •  Campfires must be un-turfed and turfed back over when finished.  Disposable barbecues are to be kept off the grass to avoid burnt patches.
  •  Please do not camp to the west of the haul road until the grass has been cut and bailed.
  •  Motor Caravans, Caravans and Tents must never be left overnight on site unattended. In the event of an emergency and you need to leave site, please inform the Camping Coordinator as soon as you can.
  •  In case of adverse weather conditions, the gate around the far side of the lake will be closed and camping is restricted to the grassed area to the west of the lake, between the lake and the haul road.

 Members who wish to have friends (non-members) staying may do so, but they must apply for Guest Camping with the Camping Coordinator, and in addition to the above please also note:

  •  Only one guest unit (i.e. 2 adults & children) per membership is allowed, without special permission from the camping coordinator.
  • Guest are charged at £5 per person (over 18s), per night, please leave payment with Galley Crew, or posted in the comments box next to the clubhouse front door.
  • Guests are limited to a maximum of 4 nights in any one stay and no more than 3 stays per year.
  • There is a no guest camping allowed during the annual Regatta, no exceptions and you and your guests will be asked to leave.


Membership Portal      

Camping Coordinator:              Bill Wells


Mobile:                                       07980 870 265

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