Racing at CSC during Covid-19

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Racing During Covid

Whilst national, regional and local legislation allows it CSC is planning to run a race schedule through to the end of 2021. In order to comply with the recommendations of the RYA and the Government rules these recreational sailing and racing is allowed. Shoreside is limited to groups of 6 or 2 households.

Racing Schedule

The racing Calendar is live Racing Calendar

Duty Requirements

There must be a safety boat on the water all times for the safety of all those involved, together with an RO and OOD in order for it to be classified as an organised event.

The exact number of crew depends on a number of factors, including the weather conditions, the experience of the crew members and the number and experience of the sailors taking part.

With relatively light winds, a few number of experienced sailors and a very experienced SBH, the racing can go ahead with just a SBH, RO and OOD.

If wind conditions are stronger, there's a greater number of sailors with a variety of skill and experience levels, then the committee insists that we have a full crew including RO, SBH & SBC and an OOD.

Wherever possible we should be aiming to have as many crew as we can each weekend, including ARO's, and two safety boats if possible.

In the event of winds greater than 20knts, or if the OOD deems there isn't suitable safety boat cover, then racing will be cancelled.

Everyone who sails in the series, must perform at least one duty.

The OOD's decision is final.

Club House Access

The club house is only accessible in the event of an emergency to use the Toilet (1 person allowed at a time) and for the OOD to collect the race and safety equipment.

You must come changed and ready to sail, or be prepared to change in the car park.

These look very good Dry Robe outdoor change robe

Changing Rooms

The committee will continue to look at ways in which changing rooms and showers can be accessed in a safe and compliant manner.

For the time being they can only be used for Essential Use eg Medical Emergency, someone in extreme cold needing to get dry and warm after a prolonged capsize –or safety boat Crew to avoid Hyperthermia

Officer of the Day Procedures.

As OOD you can act as ARO, RO or may be able to take part in the races if not needed, you will however need arrive early to open up and ensure the clubhouse is locked at the end of the races.

Start of the day:

Unlock the club house front door and a patio door.

Turn up heating in club house to 21c

Unlock and prepare safety boats as required

Unlock the petrol store and check fuel levels, inform committee if we're running low.

Provide radios and safety equipment to Safety Boat Crews. (Plastic first aid tub, throw ropes, red covid bags)

Provide radio's, iPad, race watch flags etc to the RO.

There are two blue plastic builders tubs that are ideal for carrying all the equipment in.

End of the day

Clean and place all equipment back into the club house.

Ensure radios and iPad are put back on charge.

Lower heating to 16c

Lock up safety boats and fuel store.

Lock up club house and return keys to key safe.

Let the committee know where the key is hidden, together with any comments on how the racing went with details of any incidents or near misses forms online.

Race Officers

Whenever possible run the races from the end of the boat park, using your own car for shelter from the elements.

When the wind is making it difficult to get a good starting beat, or if there are a lot of boats on the water take the equipment and start the races from the end of the main spit.

We have two new large orange buoys available which make ideal start lines and windward marks.

Put the course of the board, and limit the number of buoys in the course so the sailors can remember the course!

Do not ask the SB crews to move the main buoys, its wet, its cold and they are nearly impossible to lift with the amount of weed on the anchors.

Safety Boat Helms

You must be qualified to PB level 2, be registered as a helm on the club data base and prefer you to have done the in house safety boat or RYA Safety Boat course to act as SBH, and you should whenever possible bring a member of you own household as your SBC.

For very experienced, confident and fit SBH's and when the conditions are deemed safe enough by the OOD, a SBC crew isn't always necessary.

You must read and understand the risk's involved of operating sailing during the Covid-19 period: Latest Risk Assessment

Wear suitable clothing, such as a dry suit, wetsuit, with hat and gloves and be prepared to get wet. You may need to enter the water in an emergency. It can be very cold on the safety boat!

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