End of Day - Outside

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Boat Faults Reported

Write down any faults there is a white board in each powerboat shed and maintenance log in bosuns locker also on OOD notes

Store Committee boat

Put back in its shelter on the island stern first, leave free of rubbish. Bring back kill cord, key and fuel. Put the engine lock on.

Fuel tanks Stored

Take fuel tanks out of all the boats and place in Yellow container then lock it up Kill Cords to be stored with respective fuel tanks– looped to handle.

Trolley Dolly

There is a trolley dolly in the green boat shed to aid retrieval of boats from water. Instructions are laminated to the machine. Put this on charge during races

Lock away RIB's

Powerboats need to go back in the sheds -rubbish free, cleaned and drained of water. Engines need to be in the downward position once in the shed.

Bosun’s Locker

If a member has uses any of the club equipment they must stow it back in the locker in a tidy state after use locker after use, details of any damaged or missing parts must be written in the A5 log book. (This can be found on the work bench in the Bosuns locker)

Lock up red safety boat

Lock the engines together to the pole on the Jetty, Rubbish free, cleaned and drained of water.

Safety Equipment and Radios Stored

Take First Aid Kits, throw lines, fire extinguisher, radios back to the clubhouse, switch them off and put them in the chargers, which have a time-switch to charge them on Sunday nights.

Storage of Radios & Safety Boat Kit - Picture

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