Race Week Preparation

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14 Yard Skip

Delivery: Thursday 20th Aug, collection Thursday 3rd Sept


20th Aug


Colour print and laminate all signs

Lisa H

15th Aug

Lake Banks

Cutting back of all the banks around the lake.


19th Aug

End of Spit

Strim weeds back

Signs half way up "No Camping Beyond this point"

Race Hut

Setup Activity Shelter with:

  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Race Flags & Pole & Flags
  • Sun Shade post
  • Course Board

All stored and ready in conservatory.

Start Line Prep

  • Replace ropes & pulleys
  • Find flags
  • Course board
  • New Buoys, chains and weights


Fire Points

Fire point signs buckets/whistles need putting up around the lake.

Gary M

20th Aug


Needs collection and placing in club house conservatory


15th Aug


  • Barrier Tape window Sills
  • Lock Internal Doors
  • Clean whiteboards
  • All chairs need removing and stacking in dry area.
  • Tables should be folded and positioned against centre outside door to create barrier / one way system.
  • LHS window needs clearing ready for notice boards.
  • Power outlets need to accessible.
  • Bungee ropes required for holding doors open.
  • Hand sanitiser station
  • Disinfectant spray for spin dryer and freezer


19th Aug

Club House

Clear all surfaces & store kitchen equipment in galley

Setup cleaning areas

Setup overnight storage for

  • Radios
  • Safety Boat Equipment
  • Race Officer Equipment and iPad charging


19th Aug

Catering Areas

Positioned either side of willow tree on hay field, parking point and 2 metre marking on grass to aid social distancing queues

Kids Jetty

  • Renew the barrier to stop children gathering.
  • Move the floating Jetty to remove temptation to use.

20th Aug

Changing Rooms

  • Barrier Tape Urinals & Toilets
  • Lock Toilet doors
  • Stow excess seating
  • Replace signs with Race Week Signs
  • Open all windows
  • Hand Sanitiser station
  • Disinfectant hozelock spray and cleaning cloths in both


19th Aug


  • Prep Hot Water System
  • Cleanse pipes and shower heads.
  • Adjust extractor fans to maximum extraction

Symon D

20th Aug

Bike Park

Create roped off and signed area in club house car park, next to lake to the right of the gate.


20th Aug

Boat Park

Mark both slipways with signs & 2 meters lines


Signs in boat shed

Trolley Park

Create roped off areas for trolley storage next to club boats.


Signs in boat shed

Jetty / Safety Boats

Ensure there's a jet-wash, power and hose on site, which can reach the main slipway ramp.

Check safety kit, and ensure it includes surgical masks.

Blue bucket for all cleaning equipment.

  • hand sanitiser
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Disinfectant sprays


First Aiders

Get a list of all first aiders on site and place contact details in notice board

Porta-loo Doors

Install all the door wedges


20th Aug


Additional keys required so access isn't required to the safe.

  • Boat shed 1 (access to power)
  • Conservatory front doors
  • Clubhouse Front Door


Nope, use originals

Hand sanitiser stations

  • Inside Club house
  • Both changing rooms
  • Conservatory
  • Trolley Park
  • Jetty


19th Aug

Beach Buckets

Setup cleaning buckets for trolley ropes in the trolley park.

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