Update 12th June

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We continue to monitor the procedures and controls put in place to comply with current advice. The Covid-19 team continues to review the activities and the risk assessments that enable us to continue opening up the club slowly and carefully.

The website has been updated to make it much clearer on the activities that are allowed and those that are restricted. This is kept up to date and should be the key point of information for members. It changes as we review our activities so it is important that members refer to it regularly. It also has the risk assessments that show why we are putting in the controls and restrictions.

Latest Points of Discussion


The Regatta will not be going ahead in the format it has been in recent years. We are hoping that we can mark the week in some way but it will be dependent on many changing factors. The effort that is required to manage the current level of activity alone to conform withCovid-19 requirements is significant,and to run any formal Regatta this year would put too much strain on the organisers.


The ability to camp is a benefit the club members enjoy. We believe that there will be a relaxing of restrictions in early July. We are currently reviewing guidance and will give details out shortly on camping. There will be restrictions, but these will be made clear.


Lindsey and Richard have been attending online seminars and discussions held by the RYA to enable us to ‘Restart Racing’. As yet there are no firm dates or formats, but we are working hard to find a ways of competing that work within the current (and future?) restrictions.


With many leisure sites within the Cotswold Water Park and in the surrounding area closed, this has put pressure on unauthorised visitors to the lake. Over the years there has been use by local villagers, but of late there have been more people coming from further away. We are in discussion with the local village with a view to installing additional fencing which will deter outsiders accessing the lake but still enabling locals to have better walking access which we can control.


Currently members are not allowed visitors. We understand that in normal times the lake has been a great place for members to meet their non member friends and families. Not being able to meet up has been one of the harder social aspects of the lock down. We will be reviewing this in coming week to consider how we may be able to relax this situation.


Please ensure that:

  • You return your launching trolley to a berth when you are sailing, When leaving your boat on the water/shore please do not leave them in and around the launching areas,
  • Always scramble the locks, especially when you leave an internal gate open.You have your car sticker on display

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