Update 4th June

Updated 2 weeks ago by IT

The Covid-19 Team met up on Thursday evening to review the Covid-19 reactions in place.  Key points are:

  • The procedures in place are being observed by the majority of the membership with many members really enjoying the lake.
  • Issues on security of the club have been raised by the membership, which are being discussed by the committee. We are considering various options and will report separately on this.
  • A key issue identified has been the releasing of the gate code to non-members, either directly or by not scrambling the gate code.  We will be issuing new gate codes with clear guidance and the change date shortly through email.
  • The club web pages have been redesigned to make it clearer what is allowed and not allowed.  These will be regularly updated as the situation changes.
  • Guests are still not allowed on site, however members may require visitors for specific purposes (e.g. boat repairs/collect boats).  In these cases please inform the committee.  We can then discuss any controls than need to be put in place for the visit to take place.

Thank you for your patience, it is much appreciated.  As the situation changes we will be reviewing what restrictions can be lifted so that we can all enjoy our sailing club.  Please continue to follow the guidance we have issued and government advice.

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