Beach Manager and Assistants

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These are new roles during the Covid-19 period to ensure that we do not exceed a maximum of 30 people in the boat park at any one time and can assist sailors to launch quickly keeping the slip ways clear.

Both roles may involve stepping in the water, boots and shorts are recommended.

Beach Manager

The BM takes control of the boat park and assumes responsibility for ensuring a quick throughput of sailors without exceeding the maximum of 30 people.

Signs will be placed outside the boat park to remind members to keep clear during race launch and return.

Each race is split into three fleets helping to reduce numbers. It might be necessary to stop 2nd and 3rd fleet sailors from entering the boat park until the first fleet has launched.

When launching from the east side of the boat park, a maximum of four sailors should launch at anyone time

When launching from the west side, the slip way is reduced to one person and as such sailors should be encouraged to move left to the far end of the bank to continue rigging and making adjustments.

Upon return of the sailors after racing, liaise with the Safety Boat Crews to hold boats back until there is space on the slip way.

The BPM is also responsible for BA's

Beach Assistants

Under the guidance of the BM, the BA is an ideal role for younger members of the club.

They are tasked with assisting sailors by removing trolleys from the water and returning to the member’s berth, or a nearby trolley storage area.

And then on the return of all sailors, collecting trolleys so that sailors can clear the slip way quickly ready for next sailor to return.

Rope will be available, that will have been cleaned in disinfectant, so that boats can be pulled from the water without touching the handles.

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