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Within the Cotswold Water Park, the Cotswold Sailing Club (CSC) is one of four private sailing clubs. The four clubs are very similar in many ways, each provides Dinghy Sailing as a prime activity. The CSC, Bowmoor and Whitefriers SC each own the real estate on which the lake is located; South Cerney have a very long lease.

The CSC is in fact a combination of a Limited company that owns the lake and a Club of members that use it. This is explained in detail later on, but essentially the constitution has been set up to make it impossible for the club to do anything else other than continue on in its present form. In some extreme circumstances it might be possible for the club to move to a different lake – such an event would require the agreement of the major part of the membership; something that would be very difficult to achieve with so many members staunchly opposed to any changes to a club that the members are very proud of. As the lake is owned by the club this tends to lead to a far greater commitment by the membership to the club. Many members have been at the club for a very long time.

The lake is owned by Cotswold Sailing Club Limited which is wholly owned by nominees in Trust for Cotswold Sailing Club. If the club were wound up for any reason then the proceeds from the sale of the lake go to charity. The only exception to this is if we were selling the existing lake to move to another in which case we could use the proceeds to purchase the new lake.

The object of the Club is to promote and facilitate the sport of dinghy sailing, model yachting and any other compatible leisure activity which the Committee deems fit to introduce.

‘The sport of dinghy sailing’ has always been interpreted as having a balance of dinghy sailing – racing, cruising & pottering. This balance is not always easy to achieve but it is our underlying intention.

‘Other compatible activities’. Generally the committee take favourable view on activities which might enhance a member’s use of the lake on the proviso that they do not interfere with or take precedence over the dinghy sailing or model yachting activity.

Subsequently we allow members to caravan, camp, swim, BBQ, sunbathe, windsurf and canoe – these are member extra benefits; we do not issue memberships to people who only wish to do these activities.

We also from time to time have allowed one off activities which members have asked for. For instance, scout group camping weekends, birthday parties. Permission is not unreasonably withheld for members to use the lake for non sailing events. We have had requests from non members to hold events at the lake; and these are normally refused simply because we are not in the business of providing facilities to the general public – if a member had made the same request we might have granted it.

Generally we ask members to take home their waste paper etc at the end of the day and the wheelie bin near the entrance gate is for the rubbish produced in the galley and litter collected from around the lake. During special events e.g. August Regatta Week we arrange for extra waste facilities in the form of a skip.

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