Covid Update 5th January 2021

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Covid-19 Update 5th January 2021   

The Club is CLOSED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT in response to the national lockdown.

We had hoped to allow the club to be open for local members to walk for exercise, however this is not possible

The government announcement refers to only local individual exercise in public places being allowed

The RYA has confirmed this by saying that all “All outdoor sports clubs, centres, venues and facilities will need to close, alongside indoor facilities”

It is therefore with regret that we must announce the immediate and total closure of all club activities for the next few weeks. This includes:

  • All water-based activity; racing, recreational sailing, kayaking, SUP’s, model boating etc
  • Use of the grounds
  • Attendance of the boat-park / clubhouse for delivering / removing boats, maintenance etc – UNLESS THIS IS DEEMED ESSENTIAL – contact the committee via
  • if you have a specific query, however we must recognise the spirit of this legislation as well as the details – it is unlikely that anything is that urgent that it can’t wait.
  • Any group activity, meetings etc

To clarify - Our club except the footpaths is deemed ‘private’ and therefore falls outside the ‘public outdoor spaces’ definition that are permissible for outdoor exercise. Failure to comply could negate your personal and the club’s insurance.

There will be regular inspections of the club under a clear risk assessment to ensure that our boats and facilities remain safe and sound.

There will be signage on our gate stating we are closed for all activity.

The committee will continue to monitor any changes to the situation and update our guidance accordingly.

We know this is frustrating for many, we ask that you observe these rules for everyone’s safety and to maintain the club’s excellent reputation

Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives

Latest Risk Assessment is available here

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