The Lake

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The area of our lake is 59 acres and the land around it is 20 acres making 79 acres in total.

The club grounds and buildings look very smart. Maintaining the club grounds and buildings is a big job.  Not just because of the amount of ground that we have but because everything grows so strongly and quickly especially the bank side growth.  We do buy in some maintenance work but by far the majority of the work is done by club members - voluntarily:

There is a dedicated group who turnout most Thursdays and are commonly referred to as the ‘regular maintenance crew’ or ‘Cotswold SC Enterprises’. They cut the grass, build this, remove that, and a million other things that ‘just happen’.

This regular maintenance is topped up by the Sunday duty crews who do a few gardening jobs and keep the clubhouse spick and span.

In October and November each year we run a series of work parties, one of which each member receives an ‘invite’ to.  It’s a bit like a house and garden spring clean but on a grand scale.  Banks, islands and hedges receive a very thorough going over, gravel is laid on tracks and dinghy parks etc. At the end of each work party there is a bacon butty, a cup of tea and a chinwag to be had. A great deal is achieved at these work parties and it’s a good reminder to us all about how much work the regular maintenance crew do!

Like any responsible landowner we maintain our land in line with our intended use - Sailing. A safe environment is also important to us. Wherever possible and where it does not directly conflict with unduly with Sailing, safety or our normal use of the lake we give the flora and fauna every chance.

 To maintain the lake for Sailing we have 2 prime concerns:

1)      Keeping the wind on the water, it is an essential to the sport of Sailing. Keeping the trees few in number, the hedges cut low and the islands trimmed right back is essential.

2)      For safety on the water we also need to see across the top of the islands.

The birds nest on these islands so trimming stops for summer.

 In the case of the large island, which has a large number of nesting birds, some rare, it has been suggested that we cover the island in gravel for the good of the birds. While this would help to stop the huge task of cutting down the vegetation, the effort in moving the gravel would be huge. This suggestion has been shelved for the present.


There are two distinct footpaths running across lake 9. The first enters the lake from the village in the corner behind bouy 9. It runs up towards the clubhouse, being diverted into a narrow path that runs around the back of the clubhouse and emerges onto the road behind the boat sheds.

The second enters the club from the village in the corner behind bouy 7. It runs across the south of the lake until it meets the start of the causeway where it crosses the stream using a small wooden bridge, and leads on to the old railway line.

These footpaths are the cause of many problems as walkers tend to stray all over the lake unless challenged and stopped. Walkers who stroll around the lake and leave without incident are of little impact of the club so get ignored in many cases, just how many locals walk their dogs throughout the week is completely unknown. The problems arise when the intruders start to use the lake for Swimming, BBQs, Camping, Sunbathing etc. Some large groups of people have on occasion entered the club and been very abusive to members.


  • Keep clear of the sailing boats – they have 100% priority over fishing,
  • Dispose of hooks and line safely,  
  • Holding fish in keep nets or buckets is not allowed,
  • All fish must be returned to the lake alive as soon as possible.


Keep your pet under control.  This may mean on a lead.

Clean up after your dog. There is a dog poo bin by the kissing gate entrance to Cerney Wick useful when walking round the lake. Or a general waste bin by the main gate.

But what about all that poo?  - Well interestingly all that poo is from the Canadian Geese each of which produce up to 2 cwt of poo a week!

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