Social Distancing

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Our guiding principles

We are following the government and RYA advice at all times and it under pins all of our decisions and actions. And as part of the wider boating community, we aim to take both a considerate and conservative approach

  • Considerate: be mindful of the potential impact that we could have on our local community and do not place unnecessary strain on the emergency services.
  • Conservative: help to minimise risk by taking an extra conservative approach to our sailing activities.

For Race Week this means

  • We will follow any government advice relating to amateur events or sporting competitions.
  • When planning competitive activity we will consider others who may be using the water at the same time for other activities.
  • We will consider how we can safely enjoy the water together whilst remaining socially distant.
  • We will be considerate by using racing formats which encourage and enable social distancing.
  • We will be conservative by minimising the risks through ensuring we remain within the comfort levels of all participants.
  • We will be conservative by ensuring we do not promote or encourage gatherings before or after racing.

For further information please see the government’s advice

CSC expects all members and guests to follow the advice from the government and the rules we have developed to keep us all safe whilst at the club, we can not however enforce the rules.

If you feel that other members are not adhering to the rules and jeopardising your or your families’ safety you can file a formal complaint to the committee.

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms

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