Update 16th July

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The opening up of camping has gone smoothly, with few issues.  Thank you to all those who helped it happen.  We have been helped by the weather reducing the number of people are camping, compared  to  if the sun were shining. As the summer progresses we know there will be more use of the lake and we hope that everyone can enjoy themselves. Please follow the rules and be mindful of other members who are also using the lake.

As part of keeping us all safe the Covid team continue to meet regularly to discuss how we can continue to comply with  government advice and any information given by the RYA.  We still need to be vigilant and always follow both government regulations and the club rules brought in at this time, so please be patient with us bringing in any new changes.

 Thank you all for your cooperation.


To be clear there will be no regatta this year.  The additional effort to organise any event is beyond our capacity.  Our focus has been in allowing use of the lake for members to sail and enjoy, and to reopen camping.  The added complexity  to organise an event whilst adhering to government regulations would be too much.   We know that there are members who have booked for this period so we will be open for camping and are ensuring additional portaloos and chemical disposal.  As the week goes on we would hope that members can make their own Covid Compliant fun whilst remaining safe.


The clubhouse remains closed, and we do not envisage reopening it in the near future.   The defibrillator has been moved to the outside of the building so that it is accessible,


 Always follow the rules

 Please do not leave your units empty overnight

 Always book in

Use of the Lake

We are predominantly a sailing club, which means that we give priority to sailing on the lake.  Other users (SUP, swimmers, canoeists, rowers &c.) are welcome to use the lake however they need to be aware of sailing boats.  I ask that they avoid marks and the centre of the lake, stay close to the edge, or depending on wind conditions go to areas not being sailed.  Swimmers especially, please do not swim across the lake when there is sailing, stay close to the shore.  It is better to swim later in the evening or early morning when there is less sailing activity.  Please use tow buoys and bright swim caps to aid being seen.

We wish to avoid any accidents, and hope that voluntary compliance will help this situation.  We do not wish to impose controls.


Please ensure that you abide by the “close family visitors only” during the day.  We will maintain this rule at present but will review it. 


Symon, Commodore CSC

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