Racing Risk Assessment

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Revision Date



29th July 2020


Initial draft requires review and approval before publication and adoption

2nd Aug 2020


Review and additional comments

6th Aug 202


Committee Approved





Action Required

Committee Boat


Cross contamination and social distancing


Disable Craft

Shore based race management only

Race Hut

Manage Racing

Cross contamination and social distancing

Shore based only.

Use Activity Shelter, with max 2 sides attached.

Use Online Race results system.

Family Bubble Only

Update Duty Guides

Hand sanitisers and disinfectant sprays including in RO Kit.

No Unauthorised access signs.

Safety Boats

Emergency Rescue

Cross contamination and social distancing

Jet-wash craft every morning and evening

Disinfect craft and equipment before and after every use.

Family Bubble crew only

Minimise crews required on water where possible.

Include masks and gloves in Crew equipment.

Recovery of sailors from water face down avoiding face to face where posssible

Mitigating the need for rescue:

  • Sail within ability
  • Max wind speed set, for adults and juniors.
  • Use mast head floats.
  • Sailors must be able to manage own craft.

Update Duty Guides & Procedures for safety crew.

Crew to confirm they have read risk assessment.

Setup jet-wash area

Provide cleaning equipment on main jetty with guidance sign

Crews to be advised to bring own PPE.

Provide Hand Sanitiser

Provide Masks for recovering sailors

Avoid swapping crews throughout the day.


Launch & Return

Social distancing

Limit launching & return to 4 boats at a time (Eastern Side)

Limit launching & return to 1 boat at a time (Western Side)

Assign Beach Assistants to remove & return trolleys (using rope)

Safety Boats to control return of sailors.

Assign Beach Manager to monitor usage.

Update Duty Guides

Signs either end of slip ways.

Disinfectant bucket for BA ropes.

Clear Signage

Clear marking of trolleys

Separation of boats entering & leaving boat park.

Boat Parks

Rigging & Storage

Social distancing

Limit total numbers to 30

2 meter marks on grass

Signs to remind sailors

Limit access during racing to sailors ( & parents) only.

Assign Beach Manager to monitor access.

Avoid cross overs of boats & trolleys.

Update Duty Guides

Signs at all entrances to boat parks

2 meter signs throughout boat park

Move club boats to far dingy park.

Trolleys to be left in berths or designated areas.


Sign On & Race Results

Cross contamination and social distancing

Sign On in advance from personal Smart Phone / Tablet

Update Sign On instructions in Handbook

Disconnect Clubhouse PC's

Course Marks

Tape used for course

Cross contamination and social distancing

Minimise course to remove requirement

Minimise movement of buoys.

Stow away tape & pens

Advise RO's to keep course to maximum 4 buoys



Environmental damage from disinfectant

Source greener alternative.

Wipe surfaces rather than spray

Safety boats jet-wash morning and evening only to remove visible dirt.

Instructions to empty dip buckets down drain, not the lake.

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