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The Government and RYA have given the green light for racing, the documents for which can be viewed here: Returning to racing some very useful Questions and Answers

Handicap races can now be operated throughout the Race Week subject to the following restrictions.

Sign on to racing is done online, either at home or via a smart phone. You can not sign on by speaking to the RO, either before or on the water. See Instructions

Courses will be kept simple, involving a minimum number of buoys, no cross overs and only changed slightly between races to account for the wind direction. This reduces the need for sailors to gather whilst they write down the course on tape and reduces the potential for collisions on the water.

Racing will be limited to wind speeds of up to 20 knts, to reduce the pressure on safety crews and potentially the emergency services.

All races will start and finish from the end of the main spit. This reduces the need for the RO and ARO to be on the water, with all the additional complications that brings.

Start lines will be kept as long as possible to enable sailors completing laps to keep clear of sailors on the start line.

Races will be split into three fleets and started with 10 minutes between each race, therefore helping to keep the number of people in the boat park below 30. A lot of sailors can keep their boats moored by their camping pitch during Race Week, therefore reducing the number of people needing to launch lower than normal.

Races will need to run slightly longer to cater for the later starts, so first fleet to start will be on the water for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Additional Duties (BM & BA) have been created to manage the boat park and help speed up launching by returning trolleys to berths. Returning to shore is again assisted by BA's as they collect trolleys and allow the sailors to quickly exit the slip ways.

Please ensure your trolleys are clearly marked with your name or identifiable in some unique way.

Safety boats crews will hold boats back on the water, until the slipways are cleared.

There will need to be a clear gap between races to allow time to clean safety boats, before crew swaps.

A typical race day would look like this

Start Time



Safety boat prep and cleaning


Elite & Novice fleet launch


Elite & Novice race start & Gold fleet launch


Gold fleet race start & Silver fleet launch


Silver fleet race start


Race ends and return to shore


Safety boats return and clean down




Safety boat prep and cleaning


Fast fleet launch


Fast fleet race start & Double Handed launch


Double Handed start & Slow fleet launch


Slow fleet race start


Race ends and return to shore


Safety boats return and clean down and crew swap


Duty change over break


Fast fleet launch


Fast fleet race start & Double Handed launch


Double Handed start & Slow fleet launch


Slow fleet race start


Race ends and return to shore


Safety boats return and clean down

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