Safety Boat Crews

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Draft Document, subject to approval by the committee

Safety Boat Helm & Crew must come from the same social bubble.

If members have sufficient Safety Boat experience and approval from the Committee, they can carry out the duty without a crew.

The number of boats on the water depends on the wind conditions, and the number and experience of the sailors.

Crews are defined as either Primary, Secondary & Standby, and the conditions and forecast at the start of the race will determine how many crews are required.

The Primary Crew will be seen as the lead boat, and together with the RO and OOD will decide how many boats are required for a race.

Reducing the number of crews reduces the cleaning and chances of C-19 transmission, but this should not influence the safety of the competitors, if in doubt, send them out.

If Crews aren't deployed the duty is removed and it is hoped that the crew will book an additional duty as a replacement.

In addition to the standard Safety Boat Role, crews will also need to wash down their boats and equipment before and after every use.

We will create a Cleaning Zone, below the club house,where powerboats can be tied up and then fully washed down with a Jet-wash before the first race and then after the last race.

During the day powerboats are moored on the main jetty, and cleaned with disinfectant spray before and after each duty crew change.

At the end of the day Radio's and other equipment (not fuel tanks) should be removed from the craft and cleaned and stored in the clubhouse over night.

In the event of a rescue, Safety Boat crews will need to apply their masks.

Safety Boat Cover Requirements

These are recommendations only, other factors will contribute to the how many crews should be deployed, and it in no way signifies that it is safe for individuals to sail, each person/parent must make their own decision depending or experience and ability on whether it is safe for them to sail.

Wind Speed

Adult Races

Junior Races

5 knots or less

1 crew on stand by at the end of the spit.

2 crews on the water at all times.

5 to 10 knots

1 crew on the water at all times.

2 crews on the water at all times.

10 to 15 knots

2 crews on the water at all times.

3 crews on the water at all times

15 to 20 knots

3 crews on the water at all times

3 crews on the water at all times

Gold & Elite Fleet only

Above 20 knots

No club racing

No club racing

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