Why do I have to do a duty?

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Duties are of course a condition of membership, but it is important that members understand the reasons behind the concept of duties.

It appears that some people think a duty crew is there solely to support racing activities on a given day, but this is not the case.

The functions of a duty crew are as follows:

  • To provide safety cover for ALL sailing and on the water activities (cruising, racing, training etc)
  • To provide a basic galley service for ALL members on the day regardless of the activity being pursued (sailing, walking, spectating etc)
  • To provide the opportunity for ALL members to contribute to the smooth and efficient running of the club by performing necessary maintenance tasks
  • To safely and efficiently run the designated racing programme on the day
  • To provide an opportunity for members (both established and new) to meet and socialise with other members, and to find out more about what their club has to offer them, and as importantly what they can offer the club

Crews are expected to attend from 10am until 6pm in order to provide the above services, unless otherwise advised. For example from May until August junior training starts at 11am, and cover and support needs to be in place.

Regardless of your designated title on the day, remember that all duty crew members should be prepared to turn their hand to a variety of jobs as required, in addition to being race officer, safety boat officer etc. (you should therefore bring a range of suitable clothing)

Finally remember that although some people seem to be reluctant at the prospect of a duty day, the majority enjoy the experience once the day is underway. A huge amount of work is put into the club on a regular basis by committee members and key helpers, but the success of a sailing club such as ours will always depend on the willing participation of its membership!

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