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We can provide limited access to the conservatory and showers.


The conservatory will be opened at 9:30 and locked at 21:30 by a the Race Week Crew each day.

Access will be limited to a maximum of 2 people at any one time, allowing use of the

  • Freezer
  • Spin dryer
  • Electrical outlets for charging phones etc.

All chairs will be removed, and people should wait outside for phones to charge.

Access is via the patio doors, providing a one way system, and all windows must be kept open at all times.

No loitering allowed either inside, or immediately outside the doors. If you want to charge a phone, CSC takes no responsibility for any loss or damage.

Disinfection spray will be available and touch points on the freezer and spin dryer must be wiped down before and after use.

CSC advises that Face Masks are worn when inside the conservatory.


The changing rooms will be available via a booking system, so campers can take showers during the week.

They must be booked in advance in 25 minute slots, and will be available for a few hours every evening. Booking is available through the members’ portal.

Alternative changing rooms are used between booking. Ladies, Gents, Ladies, Gents and so on.

Male & Female family members must share the same changing room.

Members must clean down before and after use, disinfectant spray will be available.

No personal possessions can be left in the changing rooms, they will be disposed of by the cleaning company.

Toilets will be taped off.

Access is via the back door only, with no thoroughfare access to the clubhouse/galley.

A sign will be placed outside showing whether showers are occupied, together with a reminder that they can only be used when booked.

Members will be reminded to be considerate in their use, by not over running and if live locally to please avoid use.

Outside washing up area

There is no outside washing up area this year

Notices and Information

All of the days’ duty rosters and any special notices will be placed inside the conservatory window, facing the car park.

Club House

There is no general access allowed to the club house during Race Week, access is limited to the Race Week crew and OODs.

Access is via the front door only, additional keys will be cut and shared and passed between duty crew.

Within the club house, as well as storing all tables and chairs we will setup several duty stations where equipment can be stored when not in use, cleaned and accessed when required.

For example:

  • We will create a Race Officer Station where the iPad can be charged and the other equipment stored.
  • There will be an area where all radios can be charged overnight and cleaned.
  • We will create a safety boat station for all safety boat equipment.

All of which removes the need for access to the safe and galley store room.

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