Annual Duties

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CSC – Using the duty roster system


You can now book your annual duties at Cotswold Sailing Club via the membership, this system allows you to pick the dates and duty you would like to do, just remember its “first come first served” as soon as you’ve renewed for the year, we suggest you book your duties.

You can log in to the membership system here

Your username is the email address of the family member that renewed or registered your membership with CSC. Your password is the one your created at the time. If you’ve forgotten the password, then use the “Forgotten Password” link to generate an automated email that allows you to create a new password.

Once you’ve logged in you will be presented with your membership details and a menu that looks like this …

The layout of the menu and the website pages will be different depending on the device you are using, but the system should work equally well on Phones, Tablets and Laptops/PC’s. However older devices and browsers may not support some of the features such as Calendar controls.   

Select “Your Duties” from the menu to view the duty summary page and to select your first duty.

From this page you can see and select to edit any previously booked duties, together with any swaps that have been requested by other members.

To book a duty select the family member who will be carrying out the duty from the drop-down list, and click “Find Duty” to move onto the next screen…

Once here you can select the type of duty and the period and search for available duties. Please note if you are either a qualified Race Officer or Safety Boat Helm your choices of duties are restricted to those duties only.

Once you’ve found a date and duty you can perform then click the Duty Date to continue.

You can view the details and the duty and see all the other members that are on duty that date, once you’re satisfied you have the correct duty and date, click Assign Duty to finish.

Then simply repeat the process for each member of the family until you’ve allocated all your duties.

Duty Swaps

If for some reason you can not make a duty that you have assigned yourself for, you can request a swap. To do this navigate to the duty summary page and select the duty you wish to change and click “Request a Swap”.

We suggest you post a message in the CSC Face Book group, requesting a duty swap, if you are struggling to find a member to swap with please contact the Duty Secretary ( for assistance.

Duty Attendance

The committee are committed to ensuring the club runs smoothly throughout the year and to do this we need to know that all members have attended their allocated duties.

Two or three weeks prior to your duty date you will receive a reminder email, asking that the you confirm with the Officer of the Day (OOD) that you will be attending. Please ensure you respond promptly to this email so the OOD knows they have a full crew available to them.

Then on the day of the duty please ensure that the OOD updates your attendance, therefore ensuring you don’t receive an unwanted email from the Committee!

Attendance Instructions for OODs


To ensure the club can maintain an accurate record of all the duties that have been carried out by the members throughout the year, we need some additional support from the OODs each week.

In previous times it was the OOD was expected to call and email each member who was on duty on their day, this has now been replaced by an automated email which will be sent to all members on duty a couple of weeks before hand. Within that email, the members are asked to contact the OOD, either by phone or email, to confirm their attendance.

CSC would like the OOD to register whether the member has confirmed attendance, via the membership website, therefore allowing the Duty Secretary and the committee to check we have full duty cover in advance.

Once you have received confirmation from a member, log on to the membership site at and use the menu to navigate to the Duty Crews page.  Select the date of your duty and you will see a list of all the members signed up on the roster.

You can then use the tick and cross buttons to confirm their attendance, or otherwise.  And then on the day of the duty those options change from “Confirmed Attendance” to “Confirm Attendance”, so you can update the records to show whether the member did or didn’t show up.

It’s important that the OOD completes this process, if you are in any doubt please contact we need to know if any members let us down so appropriate action can be taken in the future.


At the Club House

We accept not all members will remember their login details and on the day of your duty it made be necessary to check the schedule and retrieve members contact details.

There is a special version available of the duty roster available at which can be accessed by the PC on the LHS of the far counter in the club house.

Even without logging in you may be able to determine who is due on duty from the Duties page…

However, if you enter your email address (it must be registered within the membership database), you will be instantly sent a six-digit pin number which you can use to login which will display the full names and contact details.

Furthermore, if the user that logs in is the OOD for the day then there are addition buttons that allow you to confirm each member’s attendance…

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