Update 21st May

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It has been great to see everyone enjoying the lake, made all the better by the weather.  We have an action team which will review the situation on a weekly basis discussing how well we are doing in these difficult times.  In general, the guidance we issued has been followed however there are some important points we need to clarify with members below.

Keeping your distance

Most members are abiding by the social distancing, however, there have been some groups who have not been separating sufficiently as directed by the government.  Children of different families have also been coming into close proximity.  It is difficult but please be aware. 

We have adopted a policy of not putting limits on number of members at the club or introduced signing in and out.  We ask that members be aware of those around them and follow government advice and club guidance at all times.  We believe that self control will ensure we can continue to use our lake.  We do not wish to bring any more controls than we have or have to apply sanctions to the membership or individuals.

Control of children

Please can you keep your children under supervision especially when on the water.  I personally had to ask a mixed group of children using the powerboat jetty.  Again, it is difficult but please stay aware,

Water Users

Dinghy sailors, please remove your trolley to a berth.  We understand this may be difficult for some individuals with certain boats, but we need to keep the landing areas clear to help social distancing. 

We are a sailing club, so please can sailing be given priority on the lake.  Other uses of the lake are welcome but be mindful of sailing boats, this is also a safety issue.  If you wish to paddle board, kayak, row, swim or generally mess around please keep to quieter areas or the sides, if you are in areas with sailing boats keep clear.  Remember you are responsible for your own safety.

Please keep clear of the approaches to the slipways to to aid easy launching and landing.

Swimmers in particular should stay to the sides.  If you are open water swimming, especially front crawl do so when the lake is less busy with dinghies or swim in areas where dinghies are not likely to sail.  Prevailing winds will always favour different areas of the lake.  Please can all “open water” swimmers use tow buoys.  These make it much easier for helms to spot swimmers early.

Use of buoyancy Aids

We ask that all those on the water use appropriate buoyancy aids.  Parents are responsible for their children’s use of buoyancy aids.  Please can you make sure all children wear buoyancy aids at this time. 

Non-Members Using the lake

We are aware that non-members come to the lake especially through the gate on the eastern shore by the village.  There is a public right ow way which runs along the east side the lake toward the clubhouse and the public have every right to use this path.  We do not permit them to use the lake.  We have padlocked the top gates on the southern end of the lake.  The footpath is unaffected.

We are putting up extra signage to make them aware.  If you see someone who you do not recognise, you can ask if they are a member.  If they are not you can refer them to the signage.  Please be polite.  Most people who come to the lake are no issue and a gentle reminder is sufficient.   If this is not then please do not endanger yourself, report the incident to a committee member.  If you are threatened, then please report it to the police.

Barbeques/Outdoor cooking

For clarification, we welcome picnicking.  However please refrain from any outdoor cooking.  We feel that this represents a higher risk of injury and congregation of people. 

20kt Limit for sailing

This has been put in place to reduce the risk of injury, which may then put unnecessary load on the emergency services.  Over 20 kt winds are forecast for this Saturday 23 May.  The lake will be closed to on water activities.  Access to the grounds is allowed.





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