Update 19th June

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After the stormy weather and rain we have recently had we appear to be moving to some better weather.  The rain will have helped the level of the lake which is great for sailing.  With government rules slowly relaxing we will be able to enjoy the lake more.  With this relaxing comes the responsibility of the committee, (and ultimately the members), to ensure we get the balance right between ensuring we do not increase the risk of Covid-19 spreading and providing a great place for sailing, enjoyment and relaxation;  all as important to our health and happiness.

Latest Points of Discussion


We are making a significant change to the rules.  Visitors will be allowed, but there are restrictions.  Members may have close family visitors.  This should be kept to a minimum and under no circumstances should the “group of 6” be broken.  Please maintain the 2m rule. 


The clubhouse remains closed, and do not envisage reopening it in the near future.   We will be moving the defibrillator to the outside of the building so that it is accessible.  As the clubhouse remains locked, we suggest that members who come to the lake have their own first aid kits for minor injuries. 

Over the next few weeks, committee members will be working to clear the clubhouse of the built-up detritus.  We will then be cleaning the clubhouse on a regular basis.  We do not know when we will reopen but want to ensure we are prepared.


Once government advice changes, we will look to resuming some form of camping.  When it starts it will be limited.  With the clubhouse closed.  Only cold water will be available and we will require members to bring their own sanitation (porta potty).  The chemical disposal point will be accessible.  We may increase the number of Portal Loos but this will not be immediately.

We will also have additional simple rules to ensure distancing is maintained, and where possible to make camping as stress free for all members as possible.


We continue to partake in the RYA ‘Restart Racing’ seminars.  At present we can see no sensible way to start racing.  We will update as the situation changes.

“Kid’s Jetty”

We have reviewed the opening of the jetty, it will remain closed for the time being.  The issues we identified at the beginning of the opening of the club are still present.

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