Additional Duty Roles

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Fuel Manager

This role is for just one person for the whole week, and ensurers that there is limited contact with the fuel cans and safety boat tanks. They will need to keep the fuel cans stocked by refilling at the local filling station and the safety boats tanks topped up every morning and checked between the afternoon races.

They will need to bring their own gloves and either claim back their receipts from the treasurer, or we can provide cash if they would prefer.

Senior Race Officer

An experienced IT savvy sailor/Race Officer required to assist Race Officers, in both setting courses under the Covid restraints, and being the first port of call for any issues with IT.

Will also make the final decision on whether it is "safe to race".

Camping Coordinator

Single contact throughout the week, to check each camping member has booked in, and is suitably distanced from other tents. Preferably someone chatty, who likes taking regular walks around the lake!

Porta-Loo checkers

Members happy to walk around the lake and check the state of the porta-loos.

Make a note of any units that need emptying, and applying out of order signs, make sure doors are propped open, give the units a good spray with disinfectant and make sure they're well stocked with cleaning materials.

Make the Race Week Crew aware of any issues.

First Aiders

If you are a first aider and are happy to be contacted in the event of an accident, please make yourself known in the duty roster.

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