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We will be operating a registration system throughout Race Week allowing us to contact all potential members in the event of a positive case of Covid-19 being detected.

The system is being provided free of charge to CSC. The cost of sending a message is your normal standard message rate, and therefore free if you have text messages included in your mobile bundle.

Everyone should register as they arrive at the lake and again when they leave. If you forget to register either to arrive or depart, then the system will assume you have been at the lake all day.

Send an SMS to 07860 018 492 with the message ARRIVE

Send an SMS to 07860 018 492 with the message DEPART

This is a separate system provided by a 3rd party; you may have booked camping but we also need you to register with this SMS service.

If any members of your party do not have a mobile phone or are under 18, then the lead member can register and take responsibility for informing their family members.

Your mobile number will be stored in secured servers and deleted after 21 days. It will only ever be used to contact you in the event of positive test.

If you are interested in a similar service for your business or organisation please visit

We will need signs up on the first two internal gates to remind people

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