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Once you’ve signed on you have access to the Race Officer menu:

Before the start of the race select Print Entries for a list of Competitors

During the race, note the position each competitor crosses the line in the lap boxes. At the end of the race make a note of the finish time. Use Code to note any Did Not Start (DNS) or Did Not Finish (DNF)

Entering Race Results

Once the race is completed, return to the Race Officer page, sign in once again and select Enter Results

Enter the total number of laps and then select the Edit button for each competitor to enter their elapsed time:

If they didn’t complete the race select the reason code from the Finish drop down list, and if they did less laps than the leader then you need to change this, otherwise just enter the Minutes and Seconds.

Repeat the process for all competitors.

Calculating Race Positions

Once all the results are in click on Calculate Race Results to view the results once the handicaps have been applied:

If you are happy that everything is correct, then click Lock in Race Results to ensure that no further changes can be made. Once the results have been locked only the Sailing Secretary has access to Unlock and make changes, so if you are in any doubt leave the results unlocked.

Pursuit Races

Pursuit races are operated in the same manner however, you only need the finishing position when entering the competitor results:

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