Update 27th June

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With the government relaxing the lock-down requirements the Sailing Club will be able to also relax some more of the restrictions that are in place.  We still need to be vigilant and always follow government advice especially when meeting other family member groups.  Although the gap may have reduced to 1 m in some special circumstances, please maintain the 2 m gap wherever possible.

Please remember there are good volunteers working behind the scenes to enable us to use the club, As the situation evolves we will react to the situation, so please be patient, follow the rules and enjoy yourselves.  I would especially like to take this opportunity to thank the Covid team, and Lucy the membership secretary who have had to put in much effort during this period.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Latest Points of Discussion

Opening times.

We are maintaining the current 8 am to 8 pm hours for the coming week.  The opening up of camping on the 4th of July will mean we have to look at hours but we will give more information later 


The clubhouse remains closed, and do not envisage reopening it in the near future.   The defibrillator is being moved to the outside of the building so that it is accessible, but there has been a delay to this due to a faulty cabinet being provided.


We will be allowing camping from Saturday 4th July. However there will be restrictions.  There will be a link to the new additional camping requirements on the booking in page of the members website.  You will need to read these and confirm you have done so.  We will not be limiting the number of campers but will monitor the situation, so booking is essential.  If you do not book you must not camp!

 Read the rules, the key points are:

  • You must provide your own portable toilet facilities, even tents.  The Porta-Loos by the boat park are provided for day visitors who are sailing not campers.
  • Please obey the distancing rules set out.  No excuses
  • Only camp in the allowed areas.
  • No overnight visitors
  • No units to be left unattended

We want camping to work for our members, but if we have problems, or the rules are not respected we will suspend camping again.


Although we are not starting duties up yet, we are looking at what additional duties may be required.  We will contact members when we have more information.

 Symon, Commodore CSC




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